For aesthetic home décor, Decorative Wood Veneer plays a crucial role. Wood Veneer is the finest form of wood that offers unique added value. It is a very thin coating over solid material like furniture, bed, wardrobes, etc., to give an attractive looking surface. In other words, it gives an unattractive solid piece to look exotic and expensive.

Here are the types of value-added processes to intensify the aesthetics of the veneer surface:

Gold Inlay

In this process, the furniture is decorated with decorative wood veneer to form arabesque, floral, figurative and other pictorial designs.


This type of veneer cut showcase natural cracks in a very different light by filing colored acrylics in them. The handcrafting process is carefully done to achieve a modern look.


It is a fresh approach where naturally occurring patterns are infused onto the veneer. The final look is achieved by imprinting one of its forms onto another.


It showcases a distinctly modern look on the wood surface that is a dash of bright colors. The faded finish adds a unique charm to the veneer finish. Moreover, It is a great alternative for most contemporary interior concepts.


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Open Grain

Open Grain imparts a distressed look to the veneer surface. The sole reason is, the distressed wood look is gaining popularity in the furniture market.

Rough Cut

These kinds of veneer panels are a substitute for swan lumber paneling. In general, cut veneers are way more eco-friendly and cost-efficient in comparison to swan lumber. It gives a rustic look to the surface.

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