Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Green Woodcrafts Limited is to manufacture items according to national and/or international standards and make them available according to client necessity.

Green Woodcrafts endeavors to upgrade the quality of its items and related administrations on a continual basis through regular improvement efforts.

A well-characterized Quality Management System has been executed. This framework is continually audited to enhance its viability and updated to meet the changing needs.

Quality Objectives

  • Suitable gear and machinery for procedure control at all stages

  • Proper tools for procedure control at all stages

  • Provision of adequate assets including raw material and personnel to guarantee consistent item quality.

  • Well-characterized procedure and item characteristics, to enable monitoring, analysis and continual improvement.

  • Communication of necessities of items including client prerequisites, statutory/regulatory necessities, aspects of Quality Management System including policy and goals among all workers.