Natural Veneers

Natural veneers are sliced from logs, and each logs are influenced by  an individual tree’s reaction to its soil composition geographic location and other growing conditions throughout this duration of its growth. The intrinsic patterns and markings in natural veneers aren’t altered or enhanced in any way, making each natural veneer from a tree an individual work of art.

High-quality natural wood veneers remain the most favoured choice amongst architects and artisans. Although, the business for engineered wood is also increasing, mainly because some plans call for repeatable coverage over large surface areas.

In sourcing your natural veneer, do rely on Flamingo Veneers because of our adherence to good sustainability and reforestation practices.

The Process of Making Natural Veneer

The wood has to go through varying methods that extract the hidden beauty of it. The production process for natural wood veneer is known as slicing. This is when an entire log, or part of a log, is sliced with the use of an extremely sharp knife, producing thin sheets of veneer.

Key Features

  • Natural veneers are unique; no two trees, even if they’re the same species, will have identical patterns in their wood.
  • Termite, Borer & Water Resistant
  • 0.5mm+ Veneer Width
  • Tolerate rigorous climate conditions
  • Water and termite resistant
  • Long life stability

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