BWR Plywood (IS:303)

Flamingo BWR plywood is manufactured with utmost care with high-quality core veneer & thick face.

It is available in BWR grade and manufactured with high solid content. BWR grade plywood means Boiling Water Resistant plywood. It is waterproof plywood and is widely used for making home and office furniture. The glue used to manufacture BWR grade plywood is synthetic plastic resin i.e. phenol formaldehyde which is said to be better than urea formaldehyde resin used to make MR grade commercial plywood.

Key Features

  • It is exterior grade plywood, that can be used for indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor use.
  • BWR is waterproof plywood. It can resist water better than the Interior grade MR (Moisture resistant) plywood.
  • Phenolic resins are used for in its making. Phenolic resins mean using ‘Phenol Formaldehyde‘ adhesive, which is a synthetic plastic resin. This is what gives the plywood its waterproofing qualities.
  • BWR grade plywood is commonly used for meeting those furniture requirements in the home, where the plywood is likely to get exposure to water. For Kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture, BWR grade is the preferred choice of plywood.
  • The Indian Standards specification number for BWR grade plywood is IS:303


Thickness: 3 mm to 25 mm
Sizes: 8 x 4 ft. (2449 x 1219 mm)


BWR Plywood has a vast variety of users within the organisation enterprise. Some of its most common applications are:

  • To get light partition or outside walls
  • To build formwork
  • To make furniture, especially cupboards
  • For Kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture,
  • As part of cement systems