Block Board (IS:1659)

It is wood based board which consists of a core made of softwood wood strips between the two layers of wood veneers. The strips are placed of edge to edge and are enclosed between hardwood veneer sheets and glued under high temperature and pressure.

Flamingo block board is available in MR & BWR grade. It is manufactured with high quality seasoned timber which is treated with anti-termite borer chemical Blockboard hattens are arranged in such a way that there is no gap inside the blockboard. Flamingo blockboards are known for their high load bearing capacity.


Thickness: 3 mm to 25 mm
Sizes: 8 x 4 ft. (2449 x 1219 mm)


  • For shelving such as long bookshelves
  • For furniture making such as desk, settee, bed etc.
  • For the window, door shutter
  • It is the most favored choice when big pieces of wood are required for furniture, like long book shelves, tables and benches, lengthy wall panels, wardrobes, doors, sliding, etc.
  • Also it is light in weight, making it easy to transport and install, and hence it is the topmost choice for making exterior and interior doors.


Depending upon the use area and resources, plywood and block board should be chosen. Plywood and blockboard are universally used.  Plywood and Blockboard are used for interior design work, furniture, building interior & exterior doors, etc. The superintended wood is excellent for furniture making and home furnishings. It is immune to cracking & warping, easy to work with, and has perfect dimensional durability.  Our offered Plywood & Blockboard give superior strength and cost benefit.

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