Q. What are veneers?
A. Veneers are thin layers of wood cut from a tree that give a piece a more uniform natural exterior and appearance. Because they are natural wood they are richer and luxurious in their look and feel than a laminate which is an artificial substitute.

Q. What Surfaces Can I Apply Wood Veneer To?
A. The best surface or “substrates” for wood veneer are MDF, particle Board and cabinet grade plywood. It is ok to veneer over hardwood when needed and there are some other surfaces. When in hesitation it’s best to use our technological Support team for more precise applications.

Q. Does Flexible Wood Veneer Need To Be Sanded?
A. Even though our flexible wood veneer is sanded during manufacturing you will not have good finishing results unless you correctly sand it. We suggest sanding with a normal progression of 120 to 150 to 180 grit sandpaper.
About Order, Shipping, Delivery & Installation

Q. Can I order by phone?
A. To be provided by the client

Q. Do you ship, deliver and install at my location?
A. In order to provide superior customer experience it is a constant and ongoing endeavour on our part to deliver and install at your location anywhere in India.

Q. What is the estimated delivery time?
A. Your order is processed immediately upon completion of the online transaction and shipped within 7 working days.

Q. Can I place an order and request a delayed delivery on a future point in time?
A. Yes you can request for a future delivery date that is convenient to you and we will ship the item to you so that it reaches you around the date indicated by you.

Q.How can I customize, coordinate and order furniture for my entire office/project?A. We specialize in taking up entire projects that involve a very high degree of involvement and coordination and customization. From working closely with the architects to on-site planning and markings to auto-cad based planning to deliveries and installation at site, we take up complete projects and give you the right solutions. Call us with your floor plan and discuss your requirements.

Q.What surface can i apply the Natural Wood Veneer to?
A. Apart from veneer over hardwood, there are some other surfaces also that can be successfully veeneered.

Q.Do I need to acclimate Natural Wood Veneer sheets? What do I need to do?
A. As Wood veneer is a natural, versatile organic material that reacts to environmental conditions, also, it emits and absorbs moisture, veneer sheets need to be acclimatized to a certain condition to reach equilibrium. Relative humidity should be 30 to 55% and temperature must range between 55-85 degree F.

Q.Are special tools required to apply Flamingo Decorative Natural Veneers?
A. The veneer sheets can be easily cut with a good sharp utility knife or razor knife, so, there is no need of special tools.

Q.What is the delivery lead time for customized Pre-orders?
A. A lead time of 6 to 8 weeks is required for such orders.

Q. What if I receive a damaged product or if the product is different from the one ordered?
A. If you have received a product that is damaged or is different from the one you ordered please notify us immediately by calling our customer care numbers.

An immediate replacement will be provided in case of the product having any manufacturing defect or damage.

In the event of non-availability of replacement we will process a full refund within seven days of receipt of the returned item.

The product should be unused.

We will pick up a product that you wish to return from your doorstep; however, locations where we do not have a reverse pick up facility, we may request you to self-ship the product to us in its original packing.

Q.What do I do when I still have questions that are unanswered?
A. If we still miss any of the answeres to your questions, call us – +91 85100 72500 or drop an email to us – sales@flamingoveneers.in. Our highly expert staffs are happy to help you. Else, contact us to fill up the Enquiry Form for further assistance.