Flamingo Veneers | Decorative Natural Veneers Manufacturer and Suppliers in Kirti Nagar, Delhi, India

1. Genuine hardwood ply from Indonesia

Indonesian plywood is superior to softwood plywood due to its density, strength, uniformity of layers and high quality which makes it the preferred choice for construction purposes.

2. No hazardous chemicals used

Flamingo products are eco-friendly and emission-free. No chemicals are used for Glue Line protection, all other flamingo Products are partially chemical free.

3. Coated with Special Resin to prevent from moisture

Since our establishment, we are manufacturer and suppliers of Plywood and Veneer that is properly bounded with high-quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin in acquiescence with the industry norms, it can easily support high pressure and temperature conditions.

4. Collection of 1000+ Designs

Flamingo Limited is India’s foremost manufacturer of Veneer and Plywood. Flamingo operations are spread throughout Delhi with many sales offices. It has a workforce of about many skilled labors and has a collection of 1000+ designs.

5. Wide Variety of Smoked, Recon, Dyed and Natural Species

Flamingo is committed to providing best-in-class veneers, made from some of the finest species of wood. Flamingo is India’s largest selling wood veneer brand which offers a wide collection of veneers, comprising over many treasured natural species, including oak and mahogany. Whether you are looking for natural, engineered, smoked, recon, dyed veneer. We have got you covered.

6. Readily Available across the country

It is our constant undertaking to ensure that our products are showcased and branded to for our targeted audience as we do not believe in just selling products. It is our central goal to ensure that our products are available all around the country. We attempt to present our brand identity on all fronts to garner maximum positive results.