Production Process at Flamingo Veneers

1. Importing of the Base Ply

Exotic species are brought to you from all over the world in the form of flitches after a tough grading process done by Flamingo wood experts. Flamingo Veneers import hardwood base ply from Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

The flitches of decorative veneer are cut together by a Guillotine machine to get appropriate edges and then numbered for group matching.

The jointer-cut veneers undergo stitching by European Kuper machine to get the full-size decorative veneer. It is inspected by the quality controller before the Lamination process.

The quality control test is done at constant intervals throughout the day by trained professionals.

2. Hot Pressing

Veneer lamination process with the hardwood base ply is done under strict supervision where protective films are laid on the Decorative ply At a high-temperature pressure on per square inch area of each sheet, ad players are hot-pressed for getting the perfect blend of beauty and strength.

The hotpressed ply undergoes conditioning treatment before the trimmings process where the ply gets cut into appropriate sizes.

3. Strong inside, Smooth outside

The hardwood veneer inside Flamingo makes it extremely strong while the surface of Flamingo decorative veneer is silky smooth to give your woodworking the finest finish.

4. Calibration

After a thorough inspection, the decorative ply reaches to the stage of “CALIBRATION’ where extra or varying thicknesses are pre-sanded for unfirm thickness & better bonding during the lamination process of final decorative ply.

5. Research & Development

Each piece is tested at Flamingo Lab Where all modern testing equipments are installed to maintain high-quality standards. Quality control Personnel’s ensure thorough testing of batches.