Reconstituted / Engineered Veneers

Recon Wood Veneers are also known as Reconstituted, Engineered, Recomposed, Man-made or Manufactured veneers. As its name implies, however, engineered wood veneer is a re-manufactured product processed to achieve a pre-designed appearance. For recon veneers, a method of dying, laminating & re-slicing is added before you get the coveted colour & design.

Recon wood veneers are constructed with real wood from fast-growing trees in regulated forests. Recon veneers are renewable goods, and also it is an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the sole and notably expensive surfaces.

Process of Making Recon Veneers

Engineered wood veneers are sliced from softer, rapidly growing renewable species. This veneer is in vats, dried and glued together into various shaped blocks where it will be re-sliced and re-glued, depending on the desired pattern. The finished product can emulate natural wood grains like flat cut “cathedral”, quarter-cut straight grain, burl or other figure. Even geometric fantasy patterns can be created.

Applications of Recon Veneers

The designers of the show home selected this handy product to provide the look and feel of real wood throughout the house while keeping a modern aesthetic that complemented the other luxurious finishes.

Reconstituted veneers are excellent options for projects where the colour and density of surface are critical. Because these veneers are man-made, so the resulting designs can be mass produced.

Key Features of Recon Veneers

  1. Solid Wood Grain
  2. Solid Color
  3. Easy To Use & Renovation
  4. Fsc Certificate Provided
  5. Non – Toxic Dyes
  6. Color Guaranteed

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